Sunday, November 29, 2020

An Incident II

 Hard to gauge our hero's reaction, though he seems justifiably nervous.  He also looks like a pretty tough character, maybe in trouble for bullying or fighting.  

He's about to leave the most sinister locker room in the world for an even gloomier chamber, officially called "the old equipment room"; Coaches call it "the spanking room".  

To guys on the team it's "The Boom Boom Room".

Thursday, November 26, 2020

An Incident at Dicksburg Community College

The importance of discipline in athletics has always been understood, and has often led to straps, paddles, switches and other implements being applied to athletic male buttocks.  Nowhere is this more true than at Dicksburg Community College, where the hero of one of my previous stories, Greg, attends.  He doesn't enter into this story, in fact this will be brief and hardly a story at all, more of an incident in the life of a "Big Man on Campus"  who has attracted the particular attention of his Coach.

I hope my American readers are having a pleasant Thanksgiving, despite everything.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Something a bit more cheerful

 It's been a bit of a long delay, but here's a cheery and amusing picture after the darker, harsher recent posts.  A little afternoon delight for the valet and the gardener in young Master's study.  

When they get the call to come up, they don't know if they're getting a caning (or a spanking) or giving one.  Always a pleasure to serve young Master, though.

Fooling around with some filters, I hit on this, which I think I rather like:

Gives a rather rough, bright look.  What do you think?