Monday, July 13, 2015


A dark revenge tale set in a near future police state: a handsome cop goes undercover in a strict young men's prison.

I haven't posted anything in over a year.  I was frustrated by my inability to finish any of the long pieces I started and swore I wouldn't post what I was working on until it was done.  

This is by far the longest thing I've ever done, not just the story of a man who gets spanked, but a complete story creating a setting for those spankings.  

I guess it's not completely done in that I might want to make a splash page as a kind of cover for it.

If you find it and read it, please let me know by commenting, how you liked it.

It's called "Appleland"


  1. Quite a interesting story, and a rarity. An almost noir crime tale of revenge, betrayal, and shifting allegiances, yet still most definitely a fetish story with instances of corporal punishment permeating every element. The dark muddled art style only upholds the themes. Plus it was genuinely hot. My favorite parts were the initial spanking at the beginning and then the 'payback' spanking at the end. Loved it!

  2. Thanks, SoupGoblin! I've spent a long time working on it with the feeling that maybe no one was going to get it, with your involvement in narrative art your opinion means something. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I love stories like these! There's a good mixture of ages, some great facial hair, and those round hot red butts! Interesting to see this all rolled into something that actually has an interesting storyline. I did especially like the idea of the payback spanking and the reaction of the team.

  4. Thanks Jim, glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Hello Turquine , I came back on the blog by curiosity , I thought you definitly stopped your publication !! Well I found with pleasure this new long story here : congratulation it's a good scenario, with beautiful pictures and it's fun, and I see with pleasure you used inside some old post from the blog !
    But I regret there is not enought gay male / male spanking scene to my pleasure, I mean long spanking scenes with homoerotic sexual tension and maybe gay sex after, like the story with Mike before.... Well maybe that's for the next story you will publish soon after !!! Do you ever have any ideas for scenarios ??!

  6. Thanks Anonymous, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm looking around for a scenario for my next story. I really enjoy writing something with a worthwhile story, not just erotica, although the great thing about a spanking fetish is you can do both since spanking lends itself to storytelling. Any ideas about adult male spankings you'd like to see, to spur my imagination?

  7. Hello Turquine thanks for your answer, well if you want any idea for scenario I love erotical male / male spanking stories with teacher / student in hight school / college, but you ever made many stories about that....
    Maybe you will enjoy this other scenario : a sexy young man takes a plane at the airport , but he has something forbidden in his bag (drugs...) , and the security officer catches him at the customs ! Then the sexy officer take the boy in a room for a full strip search naked, very hot and humiliating with cavity search !! Of course the guy gets excited with a big hard on, maybe he cums accidently on the officer, then the officer takes advantage of the situation and purpose him to leave free to take his plane, but only after a long an hot spanking session still naked, with strong hands, and maybe belt / paddle.... and finally the officer can fuck the boy, or getting a blowjob !!!
    Well that's a fantasy for me, and maybe it spur your imagination Turquine ??!

  8. Another idea (different anonymous guy btw).. say Florida institutes a corporal punishment option for a subset of crimes; story starts out with a guy who has, without deep thought about what
    'corporal punishment option' might mean, signed himself up on the dotted line! Waiting in a police station holding cell.. because he's the first, this becomes a media circus and crowd draw..
    cops tasked with 'doing the job' have just come up with an execution plan.. he gets stripped in the cell for medical inspection, issued itty bitty tight shorts... handcuffed.. marched out in public to
    the town park.. up onto a platform.. sentence announced.. shorts ripped down.. locked in stocks.. strapped by a punishing officer.. muscle men in the audience invited to help..

  9. Thanks for the suggestions, anonymice. I'll have to mull it over.

    1. Of course Turquine at the airport you can have two young guys stripped , and two or three hot security officer !!