Monday, March 22, 2021

Domestic Discipline Cartoon

For whatever reason, I can't seem to muster much interest in Angelo's story right now.  I did however really enjoy painting this picture twice.  It's a development of a style I've long worked on and never felt satisfied with.  I do feel I'm getting better at it, but it's time consuming and involves endless tweaks and corrections.  

The subject matter is one that I've drawn since my teens, the adult stepson (older than me at that time!  I loved those hairy mid to late 20s guys and still do) under a man's hand, in a long, lateral composition intended to evoke calm and pleasant emotions.  I wouldn't mind telling stories in this style but I'd have to develop a simplified form of it because it takes too long.  Maybe I just need to get better at it, develop a systematic workflow and know when a picture is done, i.e. good enough.

A clean simple cartoon with pure colors, showing a relaxing afternoon or perhaps a stepdad (or father-in-law) recovering from a hard day at work by indulging in one of his favorite activities. 

And a crowded version that gives us more of a story, one of family tradition and adult stepsons spanked every Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, perhaps.  I hope someone enjoys these.  They were a pleasure to create, at any  rate.

Incidental question:  of the ancestral witnesses, which do you think is grandad and which is great grandad?


  1. I certainly enjoy these, albeit the ideal would be a mix: the background from the second with the hairless stepson from above, the hairy ‘kid’ seems too grown-up for this form of CP, or if one insists on it then only after a ‘proper adult’ flogging over furniture.
    I didn’t think of the portraits as different generations, but rather stages in (step-grand)dad’s career, before and after the highest class of the prestigious order was awarded, possibly with a promotion or appointment to a high post, say commander of the military academy,
    hence the routinely administered CP for young men, who may be orphan wards rather then stepsons, taken into officer homes by way of scholarship scheme recruiting preparatory cadet corps best-achievers, academic top dogs rewarded by becoming weekly OTK underdogs, biding their time till they can take charge of disciplining elite troops with all due experience, to which end the senior year wards may be in charge of disciplining juniors on Saturdays, supervised by Sir. - FASTIFEX

    1. Thanks for commenting, Fastifex. It's always interesting to see what a picture evokes in the viewers' minds. I was thinking of this fellow as older, but even many 18 year olds are delightfully furry, depending on their ancestry. Of course our young man may have been bent over the couch and warmed up with that strap, or the paddle, first. I like the phrase "academic top dogs rewarded by becoming weekly OTK underdogs". Often future leaders go through extensive hazing on their way to the top. And there is something wonderful about guys who are simultaneously routinely giving and receiving CP, like the misbehaving coaches in Sting's videos. Again, thanks for commenting, it really helps keep me motivated.

  2. Turquine, I really like this painting. It’s nice to have variety from the 3D art you normally use. I must agree to disagree with Fastifex however, about the form of CP this man is receiving. OTK spanking discipline is, and should be, the primary form of CP given between men. It’s intimacy tends to facilitate erections, which should never be admonished, but encouraged. I especially enjoy when the man giving the spanking is fully clothed, as the man being spanked is stripped from the waist down at least, as he is in this piece. Totally naked is preferable, but it is paramount for the butt and hairy crotch to be exposed to the man giving the spanking. Maybe even have the man administering CP give his charges erect penis a playful smack, causing it to bounce and throb. I’d like to think they are both sporting wood, even if we can’t see it. Proper adult male spanking should induce erections because erotic tension in the crotch combined with the stinging, tingling sensation of the spanking will make a man lose control. When a man loses control while OTK, he is more apt to buck, kick, and gyrate his hips, thus causing his buttocks to bounce, and makes the tension between his legs reach a fevered pitch. Ideally at the same time his spanking reaches a fevered pitch. This is the ideal time to lecture, to ‘drive the lesson home’, and make the spanking a memorable one. It also helps to encourage the man getting his butt spanked to submit to future discipline, as he will go into it knowing that while his spanking will hurt, he will ultimately enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for appreciating the style of the painting. It's great the way we all have our own feelings and styles of spanking. Let a thousand spankings flourish!

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    1. Sorry I was trying to edit but the only choice was " delete" so here is my edited - the same only added more - comment:
      I'm not interested in young men.
      for me it's always the older the better.
      I actually like the spankees to be guys in their 30's and 40's who still maintain an athletic or slim bodies.
      but I prefer the spanker to be an older man and a corporal punishment situation not an erotic one.
      I don't mind if it's by hand or whatever implement is used.
      what I care about is the target is the buttocks " that it is a spanking".
      actually I'm imagine the spankee here in this lovely cartoon to be a guy in his late 40's spanked by his dad or step dad or any older man in general for whatever reason.
      I know many people in spanking community prefer younger men and many other like me prefer older men
      as I said " the older the better" but unfortunately the older men scenarios are much rarer.
      so to find a treasure like your blog and arts is a great pleasure for the like of me.
      the way you draw the men in your arts and cartoons with more mature body but still athletic or slim.
      always keep the imagination wide open to imagine and see them older.
      so thank you for your hard work to satisfy our pleasure and yes everyone have their preference.

    2. Thanks for commenting. I agree fit men in their 30s-40s (even 50s) are very suitable subjects for spanking. And I do find it more erotic when the spanking is under cover of authority, although I like it when one or both are aware of the erotic subtext. I also like it when a younger man spanks an older one, perhaps through blackmail, some sort of obligation on the older's part (such as being expected to submit to a birthday spanking) or just actual authority such as institutional, military or educational discipline. I'm glad you've enjoyed my work.

    3. Most men (and women) lose their youthful look between 40 and 50 which turn to the "old man" look for example their
      hair turn completely white or they become bald depending on everyone genetics.
      also the prevail of the wrinkles and the beer belly problem and many others.
      as much as I find a touch of gray hair sexy and attractive
      the whole hair turning white or becoming bald make the attractiveness lost.
      and I see the beer belly as a bad thing to have for any man regardless of the age.
      the old man look is not bad but I prefer to see the older men with such features as spankers rather than spankees.
      I have been always interested in middle aged men since I was a teenager.
      never liked the twink/boyish look (unfortunately a huge portion of M/M spanking stories, videos, cartoons and art focusing on this look/age group).
      the more manly a guy look the hotter and sexier he is.
      my perfect spankee is a middle aged man with a good manly look and a nice athletic muscular body.
      having a touch of gray hair would be great and a hairy body is always a hot addition.
      most guys in their 40's fit this description.
      much more men care about themselves nowadays, hitting the gym, playing sports,eating healthy..etc.
      all this help keeping the good look and sustain the healthy body (which is hot and attractive) for many more years.
      you meet and see a lot of fit middle aged guys with good bodies and spankable butts everyday and your imagination goes wild.
      also too many 40 something actors and singers even politicians and other celebrities that you would like to grab over your knee or fantasize seeing them getting a spanking.
      but as I said at the start most lose the good look and gain the the old man features after the age of 50.
      so finding over 50 men with handsome face, healthy mind and body, maintaining a good physique and most importantly have a beautiful and spankable buttocks is always a great pleasure.

  4. Well I like the hairy version Turquine, but I would love to see the spankee's hairy balls and hard dick dripping some precum too !
    And it would be better to have a hairy bare chested spanker too....
    You didn't published anything here since a long time now, are you ok ?

    1. I emailed Turquine a while ago to see if he was alright, but never heard back. Hope he is okay.

    2. Just taking a break, I've been incredibly with work and kind of unmotivated elsewhere. Thanks for your concern. I hope to be back in erotic art mode sometime soon.

  5. I don’t normally like a stoic man when he’s getting spanked. I like to see him kicking, shouting, moaning, his face contorted a bit. Letting the world know what he’s feeling in his butt. If he’s erect, it also lets us know he’s feeling something intense in his crotch too.